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901 Bridge Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
United States
Dogwood Building Supply
Dogwood Building Supply is an energetic company that combines experience in international manufacturing and logistic operations to provide new products for the multi-family industry. An in-depth knowledge of product development and production, coupled with a hands-on approach to the procurement and fulfillment process, allows DBS to streamline the supply chain from East to West.

Dogwood Building Supply partners with owners and operators of multi-family and student housing communities.  We have supplied fixtures, faucets and everything in between for new construction and capital improvement renovation projects, to communities all over the country. 

Dogwood Building Supply uses an innovative business model to deliver exceptional value and savings to our customers.  Our customized direct supply solutions generate savings in hard and soft costs.  You get a dependable quality product on time.  Find out how our customized direct supply solutions can mean procurement cost reduction for your next project.

    - Custom manufacturing – made to order, across several categories.  
    - Direct delivery – we ship consolidated project-specific packages
      directly to the job site, or to your appointed pick-up point. 
    - And on-time delivery is guaranteed… no partial shipments,
      and no backorders. 

Dogwood Does Flooring! 

Now Dogwood can meet your flooring needs! We offer 2mm and 3mm vinyl plank flooring in a wide selection of colors, patterns, and embossing!  

Dogwood Ceiling Fans Dogwood Cabinets   Dogwood PlumbingKitchen Faucet


Visit our website:
Dogwood Building Supply | 901 Bridge Street Winston Salem, NC 27101 United States | 404x-550x-1902
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