Access Control Technologies, Inc.

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1028 W Washington St
Orlando, FL 32805
United States
Access Control Technologies, Inc.

Turn-key Installations

What is a turn-key installation? To ACT this means providing our customers with a complete solution from the start through the life of their system. Our staff is dedicated to helping you with system design and equipment choice. We will also provide the necessary electrical wiring using our licensed electricians, concrete, gate fabrication, final programming, testing and service support after the fact. Call our sales department today for more information.

Apples to Apples

Too many times we hear the term "apples to apples" just to find out that our customers were comparing "apples to oranges". Call ACT today to make sure you are comparing and getting "apples to apples".

Remember "You get what you pay for".

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Access Control Technologies, Inc. | 1028 W Washington St Orlando, FL 32805 United States | 407x-422x-8850
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