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9142 S Sheridan RD
Tulsa, OK 74133
Spherexx.com Ad Agency | Software Development | Business Intelligence
Spherexx.com is a full-service ad agency and software development firm offering a wide selection of professional services including web design, lead generation & tracking, marketing, touchscreen kiosks, website hosting services, database solutions, search engine, property management software integration, web based application development and revenue management. 

Meet Your New All-in-one Agency Partner
Spherexx can transform your image, exponentially increase your sales or completely redesign your office workflow for more efficiency, accountability and profitability. Very few advertising agencies are also software development companies and this unique set of skillsets means we deliver concept to production solutions. Every company can always benefit from expanding their footprint and can profit from differentiation in the market. Schedule a 15-minute call with us at 1.866.491.7500.

Marketing & Branding Design That Works
Whether your project is print or digital, you only have ONE opportunity for a first impression. Make that first impression count. Spherexx handles the design, production and distribution. Plus we will leverage the work we do across all advertising channels to help you maximize the reach of your brand.

Custom Website Design & Development
All websites are NOT created equal. If you build your website with Spherexx, then you are going to get a 24 hour sales agent and full client managed privileges. Why wouldn't a free WordPress website be the best for your business? Every business needs a website workflow that educates and converts that web visitor into a tangible lead. The user experience must be more than a pretty wrapper that a free website might provide. We provide a pretty wrapper PLUS a programming team to design an engine that tracks, converts and ultimately reinforces your brand.

We will script the video shoot, then make recommendations for employee staffing, staging, etc. needed for the video production. We have videographers, photographers and drone videography/photography available along with professional voice-over services.

Custom Mobile App Development
We can build mobile apps across multiple platforms – Apple, Android and Windows. We will build a detailed scope of work after multiple interviews with your team, then once the quote is approved, the buildout begins. Mobile apps require constant investment, because mobile platforms change and user needs evolve. We can grow with your business needs.

Spherexx has an investment division that seeks dynamic companies in need of capital, consulting, mentoring, infrastructure or marketing assistance in exchange for equity ownership & debt. In some cases, it would make sense to partner or buy out the ownership of your company depending on the circumstance. 


Visit our website: www.spherexx.com
Spherexx.com Ad Agency | Software Development | Business Intelligence | 9142 S Sheridan RD Tulsa, OK 74133 74133 | 866x-491x-7500
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